Important Safety Guidelines
Five steps to prepare for in case your Loved One is reported missing. This important data will help the police search for and identify your loved one when recovered.

Keep a complete description of your loved one. Include hair and eye color, height, weight, and date of birth. Also include identifiers such eyeglasses, contact lenses, braces, pierced  ears, scars or tattoos.

Take color photographs of your loved one every six months.
Photos should be high quality.

Have your dentist prepare dental charts and be sure that they are updated each time an examination or dental work is performed. Always keep this information easily accessible.

Know where your loved ones medical records are located. Know how
you can obtain them if the need rises.

Arrange with your local police department to have your loved ones  fingerprinted.  Trained personnel will properly take the prints and will
give them to you for safekeeping.
Families of Missing Loved Ones, Inc.
Jacksonville, Florida

A stranger is anyone you and your parents don't know very well, even if he or she is nice to you or gives you things. Don't ever go with a stranger unless he tells you the secret code word you and your parents decided on.

Never go into anyone's home without your parents permission.

Never go near a car with someone in it. Never get into a car without your parents permission even if the person in it says your parents told him to pick you up.

If you become separated from your parents while in a store or another public place, don't wander around looking for them. Go to the nearest checkout counter and ask for assistance. Never go to the parking lot.

No one has the right to touch you or make you feel uncomfortable. You have the right to say "NO".

If someone is following you, go to a place where there are other people and ask for help. Don't try to hide. Avoid walking or playing alone.

Adults usually do not ask children for directions. If someone should stop the car asking you for directions, don't go near the car. Run away in the opposite direction the car is pointed in.

Never tell anyone over the phone you are home alone.

Never answer the door when you are home alone. Call 911 or a neighbor if someone tries to get into the house or if there is an emergency.

Tell your parents if anyone asks you to keep a secret or if someone offers you gifts or money or wants to take your picture.

If you are in trouble, yell "HELP" or "FIRE", don't just scream.
If you believe that your loved one is missing, it is critical that you

"Guard your life and appreciate the time you have here on earth.
You never know when something might happen to you or someone you love."